I called last Friday for an appointment for my daughter. We were in by Monday afternoon and new lenses by Tuesday! My daughter was so excited to have her glasses adjusted and to be able to see better. Thank you for the amazing super-fast service!! So grateful


Fast service and everyone is SUPER NICE and friendly. Thanks-Porter


Dr Ellsworth, Gina, and staff. Thank you for the wonderful experience I have had with your office. I love my new glasses I can actually see!!! I can see the computer… out the window and paperwork right in front of me!!! No more changing glasses to see different distances!



My family has been seeing Dr. Ellsworth for years. When my husband changed jobs I was so disappointed because our insurance changed. I was hesitant about switching doctors when my daughter needed an eye exam. We ended up seeing Dr. Ellsworth anyway because I really did not want to make the switch. We planned on getting the glasses at another office where insurance would cover -- after shopping around we were surprised to find that the prices at Dr. Ellsworth's were actually CHEAPER than the other offices even after USING my insurance benefits. My daughter now has a quality frame and lenses and we didn't even have to spend a ton. I was blown away.


I broke my glasses over the weekend and was able to get into Dr. Ellsworth's office on Monday for a new exam and a new set of glasses. I had an appointment in the morning, and glasses ready to pick up by that afternoon. The staff were super accomodating and helpful. I so appreciated the quick service!


I moved from SLC and needed a doctor to fill my prescription for glasses. Let's just say I did a lot of shopping around in Cache Valley and couldn't find what I was looking for. This office had a ton of frames. Definitely the widest selection in Logan.


I was looking for some Ray Ban sunglasses to wear on vacation. This office not only had a large selection of Ray Bans and other sunglasses, but their prices were awesome too. The best part was that their lab was in the office so they didn't have to mail them out. I got my glasses super fast. These guys are the bomb!!!


Dr. Ellsworth and his wife are like family. I have been a patient at their office for many years, and they are always so helpful and kind. They helped me select a pair of glasses that was flattering and Dr. Ellsworth explained good options for my lenses. I have a great experience at their office every time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I just want to thank you for coming in on a Saturday morning when you had other plans for the day. Thanks for taking such good care of me!



I'd been told for years by my eye doctor that I just couldn't wear contacts. I really wanted them for sports though and I explained this to Dr. Ellsworth. he was able to fit me in some that are comfortable and compatible and safe with my eyes. i am seeing a whole new world and i don't have to worry about glasses breaking while i play tennis. I feel so lucky to FINALLY be able to wear contacts. Thanks Dr. E!